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VaporBlock® Plus™ 20 mil White/Gold Under Slab Vapor/Gas Barrier

VaporBlock® Plus™ 20 mil White/Gold Under Slab Vapor/Gas Barrier

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VaporBlock® Plus™ is a seven-layer co-extruded barrier made using high quality virgin-grade polyethylene and EVOH resins to provide unmatched impact strength as well as superior resistance to gas and moisture transmission. VaporBlock® Plus™ 20 is more than 100 times less permeable than typical high-performance polyethylene vapor retarders against Methane, Radon, and other harmful VOCs. Tested and verified for unsurpassed protection against BTEX, HS, TCE, PCE, methane, radon, other toxic chemicals and odors.

VaporBlock® Plus™ 20 multi-layer gas barrier is manufactured with the latest EVOH barrier technology to mitigate hazardous vapor intrusion from damaging indoor air quality, and the safety and health of building occupants. VBP20 is one of the most effective underslab gas barriers in the building industry today far exceeding ASTM E-1745 (Plastic Water Vapor Retarders Used in Contact with Soil or Granular Fill Under Concrete Slabs) Class A, B and C requirements. Available in a 20 (Class A) mil thicknesses designed to meet the most stringent requirements. VaporBlock® Plus™ 20 is produced within the strict guidelines of our ISO 9001 Certified Management System.


VaporBlock® Plus™ 20 resists gas and moisture migration into the building envelop when properly installed to provide protection from toxic/harmful chemicals. It can be installed as part of a passive or active control system extending across the entire building including floors, walls and crawl spaces. When installed as a passive system it is recommended to also include a ventilated system with sump(s) that could be converted to an active control system with properly designed ventilation fans.

VaporBlock® Plus™ 20 works to protect your flooring and other moisture-sensitive furnishings in the building’s interior from moisture and water vapor migration, greatly reducing condensation, mold and degradation.


VaporBlock® Plus™ 20 is available in 10’ x 150’ rolls to maximize coverage. All rolls are folded on heavy-duty cores for ease in handling and installation. Other custom sizes with factory welded seams are available based on minimum volume requirements. Installation instructions and ASTM E-1745 classifications accompany each roll.


  • Radon Barrier
  • Methane Barrier
  • VOC Barrier
  • Brownfields Barrier
  • Vapor Intrusion Barrier
  • Under Slab Vapor Retarder
  • Foundation Wall Vapor Retarder

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