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VaporBlock® 15 mil Blue High Performance Under Slab Vapor Barrier

VaporBlock® 15 mil Blue High Performance Under Slab Vapor Barrier

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VaporBlock® 15 is a high performance under slab vapor barrier designed to retard moisture migration through concrete slabs and concrete walls to protect your structure from:

  • MOLD: VaporBlock® 15 reduces moisture condensation within a structure, impeding the growth of molds, mildews, and fungi.
  • MOISTURE: VaporBlock® 15 protects flooring materials by maintaining moisture levels well below the requirements of ASTM E-1745-11.
  • RADON: VaporBlock® 15 is used as a component of radon mitigation systems to protect indoor air quality and occupant health.


  • Ultra-low moisture vapor permeability
  • Superior puncture resistance
  • High tensile tear strength
  • Resistance to decay and degradation

VaporBlock® 15 is manufactured to strict conformance specifications under an ISO 9001 Certified Management System to consistently exceed ASTM standards and project expectations. An accredited lab ensures VaporBlock® 10 meets the highest possible quality standards across multiple industries. VaporBlock® 10 is supported with independent testing. Results are available upon request, as required under ASTM E-1745-11.


  • Under Slab Vapor Retarder/Barrier
  • Foundation Wall Vapor Retarder
  • Radon Retarder

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