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Absolute Barrier® 30 mil Geomembrane

Absolute Barrier® 30 mil Geomembrane

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Absolute Barrier® Y30BAC is a seven-layer co-extruded geomembrane consisting of very flexible, linear-low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) with an inner core of chemically resistant EVOH barrier resin, designed specifically as a barrier against radon, methane and VOCs. High strength LLDPE provides exceptional tear and impact resistance. A robust stabilization package that exceeds the industry standard; provides longterm protection from thermal oxidation and ultraviolet degradation in exposed applications.


Absolute Barrier® Y-Series is designed to stop gas vapor migration on Brownfield sites, in residential and commercial buildings, as well as geomembrane containment and covering systems. When installed under concrete slabs as a gas barrier, a passive system is recommended to include a ventilated system with sump(s) that could be converted to an active control system with properly designed ventilation fans. Y30BAC is over 800 times less permeable to methane gas than LLDPE vapor barriers in a comparable thickness.

Absolute Barrier® performs extremely well preventing the degradation of EPS geofoam by protecting it from harsh VOCs including direct gasoline or diesel fuel contact.

Absolute Barrier® Y30BAC is a highly effective, temporary and long-term, landfill caps with VOC diffusion coefficients ranging from 40 to 240 times less than standard 80 mil HDPE geomembranes. Contaminants found in leachate and gas in municipal and hazardous waste landfills can migrate through standard HDPE; contributing to both atmospheric and groundwater contaminations. Absolute Barrier® Y-Series is an effective barrier to a wide range of VOCs including benzene, toluene, trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, and many others.


Absolute Barrier® Y30BAC is available in 16’ c-fold or in fabricated panels up to 50,000 sq. ft. All fabricated panels are accordion folded and tightly rolled onto a heavy-duty core for ease of handling and time saving installation.


  • EPS Geofoam Protection
  • Landfill Cap
  • Temporary Landfill Gas Cover
  • Floating Gas Cover
  • Under Slab VOC Barrier
  • Under Slab Radon Barrier
  • Under Slab Methane Barrier
  • Under Slab Vapor Barrier
  • Remediation Cover/Liner
  • Leachate Collection Ponds
  • Odor Control Barrier
  • Secondary Containment


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